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Education Innovation Nation blog #4 – ESIP: Helping East London girls reach their potential

I first came across Dr Simon Davey through the work he did with Magic Breakfast, a charity supported (and hosted) by Pearson. We had a geeky conversation about education evaluation, I told him about my side project Work&Teach, and he explained that his main project was something called ESIP, the Emerging Scholars Intervention Programme. Since then I’ve been to see the programme in action at a Waltham Forest school twice.

In the video below Simon and the students on the programme do a far better job than I could of explaining how it works, what is innovative about it and what the barriers are. However three key things struck me during the visits;

  • This is an intensive and personal programme of support, requiring a lot of hard work to co-ordinate.
  • It’s highly challenging to juggle so many partners, from different schools and a variety of other organisations.
  • It was amazing seeing the change in one cohort of girls over the six months between my two visits. When I first met them they were hesitant Year 8’s (12/13 years old), yet when I came back they were confident and rowdy Year 9’s (13/14 years). The contrast was especially marked as there was a new cohort of Year 8’s present too. The combination of self-reflection time and support seemed to lift every girls’ aspirations for the future.

In addition to the video below you can also find out more about ESIP from the girls themselves.

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