Education Innovation Nation blog #1 – An introduction

This ‘blogumentary’ series features a series of site visits to a wide range of innovative education providers, looking for positive and inspiring stories. These different organisations are picked because they’re not afraid to do things differently and others use them as examples of exciting new practice. On each visit we’ll try to meet with learners, educators and managers to ask them the following five key questions;

  1. what are the things you do best?
  2. who helps you do what you do?
  3. what makes you innovative and unique?
  4. how do you use technology?
  5. what are the challenges and barriers you face?

It’s a mix of reportage and light-touch qualitative research, wherever possible including rich media such as videos and photos. We’ll run a blog on our website about each visit, then at the end collate key themes, findings and recommendations from all of the visits into some kind of output; event, paper or similar.

If you know of an organisation doing ground-breaking work then please get in touch and let us know more about it.

You can also discuss on Twitter using the #EduInnovNation hashtag.

(a version of this blog first appeared through my day-job)


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