Presenting the future (r)evolution in higher education? – for MOOC #CFHE12

I recently had the pleasure of travelling around South East Asia to launch the Asia-Pacific edition of Blue Skies and learn about the issues facing universities in that dynamic part of the world. I was presenting at a number of round-tables and conferences (QS-Apple and UNESCO then IES back in London) on future trends in higher education. Below is the evolving presentation I’m working on that attempts to explore future issues for the sector. The first half uses secondary data and charts to explore issues such as demography and development. The second half then looks at some responses by the sector with suggestions for considerations in the future. It is based on my experience with the Blue Skies project editing over 60 articles by leading authors from around the world – each sharing their vision of the future for HE. In future blogs I will try to share some of what I learned on my travels.

Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute as Blue Skies is an ongoing global project. Comments and shares both appreciated.



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